Specialty Vehicle Appraisal Institute
                    The Mission of SVAI shall be to regulate acceptable professional appraisal standards and have all members adhere to a Code of Conduct of Appraisers involved in and writing evaluations on Specialty Vehicles.
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                    The SVAI shall accomplish this mission through:

                    Communication and Research

                    Maintain and open dialogue between Member Appraisers, Insurers, Collectors and Hobbyists to better our Institute.  Conduct research and obtain information relative to appraisal matters to keep our membership informed.

                    To improve the quality of member appraisals by offering a voluntary accreditation process that consists of:  a) passing a knowledge test, b) submitting a sample appraisal that is peer reviewed to ensure it meets our best practices  and standards and c) qualifying for insurance.  Accreditation is not mandatory but is offered as a means of certifying the level of competence of individual appraisers.

                    Offer and have members participate in educational programs to improve the quality of their appraisal reports and processes.  In this way SVAI will continually strive toward raising the level of competence and professionalism of all appraisers.

                    The SVAI encourages co-operation and communication with all other organizations whose objective is similar in nature to our own.
                    THE BOARD
                    Don Streeper
                    Carousel Appraisals

                    Vice President
                    Todd Parsons
                    Vintage Tin Appraisals

                    Greg Christensen
                    Red Line Appraisals

                    Terry Beurelein
                    Car Guy Appraisals

                    Accreditation Chairman
                    Rick MacPherson
                    Rick's Motorcycle Appraisals
                    Director (Insurance Rep)
                    Grant Cave
                    Canada Brokerlink

                    - position is open

                    Director (Hobbist Rep)
                    - position is open

                    Past President
                    Abe Wheeler
                    Wheelzone Auto Appraisals

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                    PROUD SUPPORTERS
                    OUR MISSION STATEMENT

                    Establish professional standards and Code of Conduct that our member appraisers adhere to in providing specialty vehicle appraisals.

                    Recognized and endorsed by insurance brokers offering collector and specialty vehicle insurance.

                    Current list of independent SVAI accredited vehicle appraisers

                    OUR GOAL

                    Our goal is to improve the level of professionalism in the specialty vehicle appraisal business. We accomplish this by maintaining an open dialogue between member appraisers, insurers, collectors, and hobbyists. The SVAI conducts research relative to vehicle appraisals and offers educational programs to our members to continually improve the quality, competence, and professionalism of our independent appraisers.
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